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The airline industry is in a revolution of sorts as it is ever changing away from the use of paper.

The airline industry is in a revolution of sorts as it is ever changing away from the use of paper. This is especially true in the cockpit where manuals, flight plans, maps and charts are all becoming electronic and paperless. The advent of the iPad and other tablets has made this change even more rapid because of the ever-lowering cost of the hardware, which is called an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). In 2004, a class three EFB cost $300,000.00; by 2010, the price of a class two EFB had dropped to around $30,000.00. Today, a tablet EFB that can do much the same thing can be acquired for around $1,000.00. A situation we are seeing is that airlines who want the obvious benefits of going paperless are using suction cup mounts or home grown solutions that are not as reliable as a fixed mount.

Avionics Support Group, Inc. (ASG) is a world leader in supplying EFB mounting and power solutions to commercial airlines. We are the FAA PMA-approved OEM of the Constant Friction Mount (cfMountTM). Our cfMountTM is fully U.S. pat- ented and STCd, and is currently being used by some of the world’s largest airlines. It has become the standard in the in- dustry. Additionally, we are a full engineering firm to help you if any deviations are needed during installation. Our EFB family of mounts will support several different size cradles and will allow users to select whichever tablet they choose for their selected EFB hardware. Installing the cfMountTM with our Integrated Power Supplies (IPS) and iPad Ethernet adapter will add another level of convenience and safety to your operation.

In addition, we can help you conform to the upcoming mandated ADS-B and CPDLC, as well as SATCOM (Iridium or Inmarsat) installations and other avionic modifications you may require. At Avionics Support Group, Inc., we are ... “Committed to keeping you flying!” www.asginc.net

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