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Coming Up: May 2019

Here's what's coming up next in Avionics International.

Wireless Test Revolution?

New wireless testers with easy to use digital interfaces capable of performing a multitude of aircraft systems testing are emerging, here we take a look at how wireless avionics testing capabilities continue to evolve.

ADS-B Out Testing: Is Your System Ready for 2020?

As the 2020 ADS-B Out mandates approach, we take a look at what types of testing technologies are being used to evaluate performance and regulatory compliance.

New Approaches to Data Link and Cockpit Communications Testing

The increased utilization of new types of cockpit communications, including controller–pilot data link communications (CPDLC) has provided demand for new data link communications testing platforms with more robust capabilities. Here, we analyze what operators around the world are using to test their aircraft data link communications performance.

Databus Analyzers

Avionics bus architectures on today's aircraft continue to become varied and more complex, in this article we take a look at how new data bus analyzers continue to be an essential part of developing and maintaining an aircraft from software development, to system integration, flight testing, maintenance and everywhere in between.

Are You Fluent in DO-326A/ED-202A?

Aharon David, chief white hat officer for Afuzion, provides the first in a series of articles looking focusing on how to approach requirements for new avionics development via the new mandatory DO-326A/ED-202A documents.

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