Avionics Digital Edition

Astronics Ballard Technology

Putting aircraft data to work for you with a secure, open-architecture approach.

In today’s competitive landscape, airlines are continually seeking to gain an edge by optimizing their passenger experience, while at the same time reducing maintenance and operational costs.

There seems to be no shortage of potential solutions available, but most come with lengthy deployment cycles, significant reoccurring costs, and a high risk of adopting a proprietary path that becomes outmoded before any benefit is realized.

Astronics is disrupting traditional ideas by allowing airlines full access and ownership of the data already on their aircraft. Their new webCS® Wireless Aircraft Communications Server greatly simplifies the process of adding data-centric technology to commercial and business aircraft. With this data in hand, flight crews gain valuable insight into the performance of the aircraft to help them make decisions that improve operational efficiency. In addition, an operator can move data off the aircraft for post-flight analysis, or stream data in real-time when connected to an on-board connectivity system.

This secure, open-architecture approach not only empowers airlines to develop and control the software applications running on the system, but provides the ability to leverage and incorporate new technologies and innovations, such as IoT, as they become available, maximizing their initial investment.