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Coming Up: June/July 2021

Here's what to look forward to in our upcoming June/July issue of Avionics International.

The Connectivity Issue.

Why In-flight Internet is Still a Tough Sale to Low Cost Airlines

We talk to low cost airlines, IFC service providers and equipment vendors to understand why the economics of in-flight Internet are still a challenging sell to low cost airlines in different regions.

Will Emerging LEO Satellite Networks Disrupt the Market for In-flight Connectivity Service?

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks promise higher speeds and lower latencies, but will the economics of such networks make them ideal for airlines?

Wire and Cable Spotlight: Enabling Speedier Data Transmissions with Less

Is your aircraft wired for speed? We’ll talk to some of the leading suppliers of wire and cable, operators, and other experts to provide analysis of trends happening right now across this under covered segment of the market.

Test Equipment and In-flight Troubleshooting for Connected Aircraft

What type of test equipment are operators using for testing performance of their aircraft modems, wireless access points, antennas and other elements of onboard connectivity? Who is responsible for in-flight troubleshooting when passengers or pilots lose connectivity? We’ll try to answer these questions and more in this article.

Have OEMs Resolved the Helicopter ‘Through the Blades’ Connectivity Problem Yet?

In February, a U.S. Army UH-60M helicopter tested the use of a new waveform designed to correct the challenge presented by spinning blades in every rotary-wing for receiving satellite communications. Several in-flight connectivity service providers and antenna-makers have also claimed to resolve this issue in recent years, we’ll try to find out whether they actually have.