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October/November 2018

Is Your Connected Cockpit Secure?: We dive into internet connectivity’s relationship with cockpit security and what type of measures avionics manufacturers are taking to counter cyber hacking.

The Transient Nature of Digital Design in Avionics: A deep look into the unusual time, deterioration and lifespan issues that affect all digital design tasks, especially in critical applications such as avionics.

Business Jet Aftermarket Upgrades: The FAA has scaled back some of its avionics certification requirements for products originally destined for the experimental market, which are now becoming available for Part 23 aircraft.

Will Business & General Aviation Meet the Europe and U.S. ADS-B Mandate?: We uncover the challenges the aviation industries in the U.S. and Europe are facing in meeting their respective 2020 ADS-B compliance mandates.

Automated Test Equipment: Addressing complexity is a specialty for automated test equipment developers. We take a look at the type of these technologies in demand and what equipment providers are doing to keep up with new tech on today’s airframes.

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Bonus Distribution: NBAA, CyberSat, EFB Forum

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