Avionics Digital Edition

Coming Up: October/November 2021

Coming up in the October/November 2021 edition of Avionics International.

The Business & General Aviation Issue

Next Generation Business Jet OEM Program Updates

Analyzing some of the new communication, navigation and surveillance capabilities in development for next generation business jets.

Will eVTOLs Find a Role in Business & General Aviation?

Summarizing the potential impact and market demand for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft within the business and general aviation community.

Innovative Approaches to Managing Flight Data for Business Aviation

Cloud computing-powered platforms and applications are providing business aviation operators innovative new approaches to capturing, analyzing and storing aircraft data on a per-flight basis.

Enabling Connectivity for the Mid-to-Light Business Aircraft Market

Antenna form factors are improving and connectivity suppliers are starting to develop more aftermarket options tailored to the needs of the mid-to-light segment of the business aircraft market.

Expanding the Scope for Tablets in Business Aircraft Cockpits

Our latest look at how the use of tablet electronic flight bags and their associated applications have become essential for business jet pilots and fleet operators.