Avionics Digital Edition

Calling on Avionics’ Brightest

Editor's note for the December 2016/January 2017 edition of Avionics Magazine.

This year, I am calling on the avionics industry’s brightest minds to submit white papers and case studies that you believe can solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges. As always in this issue, we feature in-depth analysis on some of the industry’s most technically salient topics, including a behind-the-scenes look at how FedEx’s aircraft maintenance technicians digitally talk to their airplane’s engines and systems in real time, and some of the latest developments for ICAO’s ongoing work to improve aircraft tracking. Our writers have also analyzed innovative new cockpit display technologies as well as the lack of funding available to assist general aviation aircraft owners and operators with equipping their aircraft with ADS-B.

But we know that not all is well across the industry. Surely there are issues for which you or someone you know has a solution for in the form of a white paper, case study, article or presentation. Some of the questions we’d like to see answered in the form of white papers, presentations and articles include:

Air Traffic Modernization — ATM is key to unlocking communications, navigation and surveillance technologies that can reduce fuel burn and CO2, avoid turbulence, and make air operations more efficient. But with ATM modernization progressing much more slowly than anticipated, what can the industry do to speed things up?

End-User Investment — What is the business case for end-user investment in new and mandated avionics technologies for commercial and business aviation operators?

Cybersecurity — How can the industry adequately address cybersecurity as Internet Protocol is increasingly introduced in silos on new and upgraded airframes?

Flight Tracking — What’s the right blend of onboard and off-board technologies that can meet ICAO’s Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System (GADSS) standards?

We want to present your solutions to top industry challenges in our various print and multimedia platforms, as well as our annual industry conference, Avionics for NextGen. Shoot your ideas my way, at wbellamy@accessintel.com!

I hope to meet and hear from more of our readers in 2017! AVS