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Coming Up: February/March

Here's what to look for in the February/March issue of Avionics International:

Asia Pacific Airliner Upgrades

Ahead of the 2020 Singapore Air Show, we analyze trends around what cabin and cockpit electronics commercial airlines based in the Asia-Pacific region are investing in.

Avionics, ATM Advancements Continue in China

Over the last year, several new avionics development initiatives and advancements in air traffic management infrastructure, policy and plans are coming out of China’s aerospace industry. Meanwhile, COMAC continues to grapple with delays to the ongoing development of the country’s first commercial airliner program, C919.

Cockpit Vision Systems

What new advancements are happening in cockpit vision system technology? Are civil aviation regulators enabling new uses of vision system-assisted approaches into airports? Where is cockpit vision system tech going this decade? We’ll answer these questions and more in this article.

Military Avionics Upgrade Programs

A look around the military air transportation side of the industry with analysis of ongoing and upcoming military aircraft avionics upgrade programs in the U.S. and abroad.

What’s Trending: CES 2020 Inspires Advances in Aerospace Technologies

Aerospace is often the last frontier to adopt new technologies that proliferate for years in the consumer tech space, due to high cost and rigid regulatory certification requirements for safety-critical aircraft functionality. We take a look at what new tech came out of the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show that is migrating to various segments of the aviation industry.

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