Avionics Digital Edition

Coming Up: August/September 2020

Developing Regulation for Artificial Intelligence in Avionics

Analysis of the latest civil aviation regulatory developments aimed at enabling the use of artificial intelligence in future aircraft systems.

Second Quarter COVID-19 Impact on In-flight Connectivity

Valour Consultancy’s Daniel Welch provides a follow up to his article featured in the June/July issue looking at the latest updated aircraft connectivity equipage rates.

Air Taxi Avionics Development Update

A roundup of companies that are currently developing electronic systems for future electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxis.

Technologies for the Post COVID-19 In-flight Passenger Experience

What technologies will become increasingly important in the post COVID-19 in-flight passenger experience? We ask industry experts what to expect.

Advancements in Digital Twin Adoption for Aviation

The adoption of a new generation of digital twin technologies is enabling a myriad of efficiency advancements across multiple segments in aviation. Here, we talk to the companies leading the charge in aviation’s digital twin revolution.

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