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UTC Aerospace Systems

The promise of the more intelligent aircraft is shaping the future of our industry.

The promise of the more intelligent aircraft is shaping the future of our industry. At UTC Aerospace Systems, we’re already making that idea fly, right here and now.

From the flight deck to the maintenance center, our Aircraft Data Management (ADM) solutions enable operators to easily access, manage and extract valuable, real-time insights from aircraft data.

We know one thing is guaranteed in the future — change — so we have developed a secure, future-proof platform for intelligent flight that’s open, scalable and flexible, allowing airlines to implement solutions to tackle their unique challenges now, confident that it can support the future applications and innovations that they need for intelligent flight.

Our industry-leading Aircraft Interface Device (AID) is a low-cost, lightweight data concentrator, analyzer and communicator that brings the right data to the right person at the right time. Our AID offers significant onboard processing and storage capabilities, as well as a broad range of communication options, including access to aircraft satellite communications and ACARS.

For the flight deck, this means real-time weather, up-to- the-minute flight plans and NOTAMs, automated dispatch releases, fuel optimization, and improved on-time and turnaround performance. Pilots are able to access intelligent analytics wherever they are, allowing them to adjust aircraft operations based on real-time data, enhancing customer experience and improving on-time performance.

For the safety and maintenance teams, the transfer of aircraft data and efficient software updates reduces data loss and latency, improving aircraft availability and maintainability. This means less time spent on low-value added activities and greater focus on preventive maintenance enabled by prognostic health monitoring solutions. Data is available on demand via the UTC Aerospace Systems OpsInsightTM Portal, hosted in a secure cloud or within the airline’s network.

With certifications on nearly every large commercial aircraft platform, we provide airlines employing mixed fleets a single, multi-use ADM solution. This also allows us to provide a single interface and methodology to collect, transfer and analyze data to optimize fleet logistics. Solutions developed for one platform are immediately portable to other aircraft types.

More intelligent aircraft are the future of flight, and the time for implementation is now. Get on board!

Learn more and see our interactive demo at the EFB Users Forum in Singapore, booth E11, or visit us at www.utcaerospacesystemsefb.com.