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Welcome to London

The EFB Users Forum will be held in London Nov. 13-15, 2018.

The FAA officially approved and published the use of own-ship position in October 2017 and with AC 120-76D. The own-ship indication is permitted in all phases of flight using any position source. The response of U.S. carriers has been overwhelming and positive. Millions of flights have been completed utilizing this new capability. Transport Canada has followed a similar path for its airspace.

EASA is reviewing comments on its proposed AMC 20-25. Unlike the FAA AC 120-76D, the AMC 20-25 does not allow own-ship indication in all phases of flight. EASA is considering allowing own-ship en route only, but not on departure, arrival or approach phases. In addition, the position source must be the airplane’s own navigation equipment, which can be very costly to connect.

Other regulators around the globe are closely monitoring these developments and making decisions on which path to follow. The FAA, Transport Canada and EASA will present at the EFB Users Forum in London Nov. 13 to 15. Details and updates of regulatory responses from other regulators around the globe will be also be summarized in London.

Other topics to be covered in London include security and connectivity, operator experiences, and aircraft interface devices, which will be reviewed by a panel of airlines. Each airline will describe its own unique solutions and architectures, along with the reasons for them. As always, participants can talk with experts in these fields, and get direct answers to their questions.

We welcome all interested participants to join us in London.

Peter Grau
Lead Principal Engineer