Fresh Possibilities: Aviation Services Reinvented

We live in the age of applications. Chances are you use apps every day to do everything from finding your way around town to downloading videos to ordering pizza. So it comes as no big surprise that apps are infiltrating the aircraft cabin, cockpit and flight line – giving passengers, pilots and maintenance crews better access to the aviation services they want and need.

Weather or Not? New App Has the Answer

Technical pilots from a European flagship air carrier are among flight crews using a new Weather Information Service application that has become an essential part of their daily flight planning. The app uses an easy-to-read map to provide flight crews with the freshest available weather information in flight so they can avoid severe weather and improve safety and passenger comfort.

Now they’re helping test a new “nowcasting” feature that provides even more up-to-date information on thunderstorm activity generated from high-resolution satellite imagery. Since it doesn’t rely solely on ground-based radars, the app now provides global coverage, even on transoceanic routes.

Developed by Honeywell Aerospace, the Weather Information Service app runs on iPad and Windows tablets, making it an ideal addition to pilots’ electronic flight bags.

Go Directly to the Services You Need 24/7

The Weather Information Service is just one of the leading-edge flight support services included in our groundbreaking GoDirect one-stop service platform. GoDirect gives pilots, operators and flight departments direct access to the Honeywell services they need most – from flight planning and software updates to maintenance services and equipment protection plans to full “office in the sky” connectivity services.

“Our all-in-one GoDirect approach helps operators, pilots and maintenance teams add value in a market that relies heavily upon technology for the best possible flying experience,” said Michael Edmonds, vice president, Aerospace Services and Connectivity at Honeywell Aerospace.

“Uniting Honeywell’s software and hardware capabilities gives operators a seamless experience with a ‘one-stop-shop’ connectivity platform spanning routing software, airtime, hardware equipment, electronics and flight support services. Customers have access to integrated and custom solutions to meet their connectivity needs, with a much greater global reach.”

Thanks to the new GoDirect web portal, you can take the most direct route to accessing the Honeywell services you use most often. Using a single login, you can view current subscription services and other offerings that can help you improve safety, performance and cost-efficiency.

GoDirect Delivers New Technologies to Aviation

With GoDirect, we take the right and fast approach to bringing new functionality to the cockpit, cabin and flight line.

Examples include:

Connectivity Brings Everything Together

The number of connected devices on the planet continues to grow with no end in sight. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the aviation industry where demand for better, faster, more reliable inflight internet services continues to grow at an unprecedented rate as passengers, flight crews and operators recognize the advantages of staying connected after the aircraft door closes.

Honeywell is at the forefront of the connected aircraft movement with hardware, software and services that enable reliable connectivity anywhere, anytime and at speeds approaching those we’re accustomed to experiencing in our homes and offices.

The Honeywell JetWave Ka-band GX Aviation Satellite Communications terminal provides seamless global broadband service via the Inmarsat Global Xpress network. Designed to give users the ultimate flexibility and connectivity, the system supports both the commercial global spot beams and high capacity commercial spot beams without reconfiguring the system, transitioning networks or changing providers.

Through our acquisition Satcom1, we are now able to provide a complete hardware, software and services solution. AvioIP is a cabin software license solution installed on executive aircraft on a router hardware platform. It is the critical link between aeronautical Local Area Network and the Wide Area Network onboard the aircraft providing stability, reliability and features to satisfy the “office in the sky” concept. The concept includes services such as enhanced internet access, email, video conferencing, Smartphone usage over VoIP and much more.

GoDirect Delivers What Users Need Most

There’s a high demand for integrated services that improve operators’ safety, performance and efficiency, provide real-time information to pilots, and keep passengers connected everywhere they fly.

With GoDirect, we’ve created a one-stop platform that makes it easier than ever before to access the connected solutions that make life easier for everyone in the aviation value chain.

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