Avionics Digital Edition

10 Things to Watch in Aviation in 2018

From the editor-in-chief's desk.

Machine Learning

Cockpit avionics are already providing communications, navigation and surveillance in ways the earliest aviators could never have imagined. How are avionics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) making existing systems capable of making the cognitive decisions typically relegated to a pilot?

Embedded Computing

Airplanes of today and of the future are only going to evolve as much as embedded graphics processors, video drivers and other systems allow them to. Where will embedded computing steer the industry next?

Europe’s ADS-B Plans

Thousands of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft throughout Europe will require ADS-B upgrades by 2020.

ADS-B Upgrade by the Numbers

Now that we (sort of) know the challenges presented by ADS-B upgrades, how many U.S. aircraft will actually need to upgrade with ADS-B, and how will that happen?

Expansion of IOT in Aviation

Competition between suppliers, service providers and OEMs for connectivity on airplanes is creating unprecedented availability of IP for operators.

Thermal Management in Avionics

In 2018, we’ll revive a topic we haven’t covered since 2015. Ongoing government-industry research efforts are addressing the thermal limitations of radar, electronic warfare, communications and avionics systems.

The Boeing 797

Throughout 2017, Boeing executives continually dropped hints about their next new aircraft type. Now that Boeing’s enterprise avionics organization is hiring 480 new employees, what will the configuration of the Boeing 797 (or the designator it chooses) look like?

Uber By Air?

What will it take to make the research around regional/intercity aircraft concepts a reality?

Industry Consolidation

Will the aerospace industry continue to see as much consolidation as it did in 2017 among power players?

Supersonic Avionics

Can Boom make passenger supersonic travel a reality?

Read on about Alaska Airlines’ fleet upgrades, improvements in IFEC cybersecurity and the future U.S.-European air-to-ground datalink roadmap. See you in 2018! AVS