Avionics Digital Edition

Avionics International Changes and our Business Aviation Issue

Providing some updates on some editorial staff and coverage changes we've made recently at Avionics International, while highlighting some of our most recent business aviation stories.

In the issue that would have gone to Orlando, Florida for this year's National Business Aviation Association annual conference and exhibition, we highlight some of our top trending articles for business and general aviation right now. However, I would first like to highlight a few editorial changes you may or may not have noticed recently for Avionics International.

Kelsey Reichmann has joined our staff as the new associate editor, replacing Brian Garrett-Glaser who has moved on to focus on covering the exciting industry of eVTOLs for eVTOL.com. We thank him for his outstanding coverage in the Skyport e-letter over the last year.

Kelsey will be covering military aircraft programs, embedded systems, and drones as well among other topics as one of the leading contributors to our new premium Future of Aerospace publication now being distributed to subscribers every Monday.

Future of Aerospace focuses on nine specific trending areas that we feel tells the story of how the aerospace industry will continue to evolve technologically in the near future. Topics ranging from machine learning, advanced manufacturing, commercial spacecraft, and green aerospace initiatives are covered every week, with contributors Defense Daily and Via Satellite, two of our Access Intelligence sister publications. The majority of our eVTOL coverage will be transitioning from the Skyport to Future of Aerospace and our weekly Avionics International Report.

Additionally, we're revamping our aerospace industry editorial advisory board, looking for executives, engineers, maintenance technicians, pilots, and others interested in helping us shape the topics we will cover for the remainder of 2020 going into 2021. If you have any interest in joining the board to provide expert insight on what we should be covering across our e-letters, podcasts, digital editions, webinars, and live events, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or via email.

In this issue, Frank Wolfe gives an update on how the U.S. business aviation segment is making progress on the use of the FAA’s new Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) on 1090 MHz ADS-B Out transmissions. Our cover story features interviews with Honeywell Aerospace and Aerion covering their progress on future avionics development for the AS2 supersonic business jet. We also feature Via Satellite’s Rachel Jewett interview with Intelsat Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Samer Halawi regarding their acquisition of Gogo’s commercial aviation division.

What would you like to see in our upcoming December/January 2021 issue of Avionics? Send me an email at wbellamy@accessintel.com with any suggestions, I look forward to hearing from you!